Amanda Atkins taught herself to code at age 12 and has built hundreds of websites and apps since then, including more than 10 years of professional experience in development. She has a product-first passion for seeing great code solve real-world problems and deliver delightful end-user experiences. She has been serving dozens of clients across the United States since 2014.

North Carolina born and bred, Amanda studied graphic and multimedia design at UNC-Chapel Hill’s prestigious Hussman School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After graduation she moved to New York City, where she refined her web skills as the sole designer and developer at a boutique literary agency and then as the lead designer and a development contributor at tech start up Zola Books. She started Digital Rainstorm after moving to Visalia, CA, where she brought high quality user experiences to the Central Valley with partner Cavale Creative Company. She is currently located in San Francisco.

In her spare time, Amanda hangs out with her husband and daughter; plays guitar and sings; loves reading; and escapes into the Sierra Nevada mountains as much as possible.

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